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Sonja Bandolik
 After allowing others to read her story, it became evident that the commonalities she shared with others would make her journey story a viable tool to teach and inspire. It also inspired her to create a vehicle for others to share their stories. Currently, Sonja is continuing her writing, art, and healing path in a remote 40 acre Hollow in the Tennessee wilderness.
An honest and raw story about how one woman gives up, then reclaims, control of her life. Initially, we see her entrenched in the belief that she has no other choice than to remain captive to the demands of dysfunction. Ultimately, Solana begins to understand the abuse & learns how to navigate the maze of illusions to find happiness. Told in memoir format, Twisted Passage tackles issues that arise from manipulative behaviors including sex, drugs, violence, & other ways we abuse ourselves & others. Twisted Passage is nothing less than a roadmap for creating one's own path & identity.
A readers reviews -
"I have never seen such an open and honest biography of ones life, it is so deep. This book is truly refreshing and revitalizing on many different levels. This book is going to be a blockbuster. I feel such a comraderie with you, as I have had some similar experiences in my life as well. Its just amazing. I think about it all of the time when I'm not reading it. This book is really opening my eyes and my views on life in general. I must say that it is nothing less than magnifcent. It really made me feel, anger, sadness, frustration and ultimately happiness in the end. That is one exceptionally well written and Honest autobiography that I have ever read!" - Lisa Darnell
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